The Axon programming language ensures that the system being developed on Axon is transparent, auditable, self-explanatory and most of all explainable.

Unless it is simple to adapt and robust enough to accomodate complicated requirements, complete 100% digital adoption inside an organization and real time value chain is beyond imagination. AXON is the ideal technology platform to represent complex hyperconnected systems that aren’t necessarily owned by a single entity but should interact with each other privately, securely and real time. Making this transparency come to life in a supply chain ecosystem can realistically solve all the problems.

In the supply chain, active agents such as work centers, electricity meters, producers, transporters, containers, etc are nodes of data generation or computational edges in AXON. The channels keep the dynamic relationship intact. Exposing these channels over the internet defines complex dynamic web relationships such as supply chain, demand chain, manufacturing chain, factory chain, etc.