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Are you gearing up for an Internet of Everything – Intelligent Network World?
Then don’t let cost push your digital aspirations away!

Presently, software projects built are going from the outdated browser centric model to Single page application model. Unlike the traditional web applications, the digital applications are assumed to work at the network level. I.e. Many devices will be talking to it over network with indeterministic network latency. The technologies that build applications of this nature, should be open, should by default have HATEOAS as its running principle and should be http driven to scale like the web. Building stateless applications in traditional technologies is difficult to build and needs sophisticated skills which is not easily available in the market. With a Connection machine, this HATEOAS architecture is available right out of the box with security and privacy.

Software development has moved from delivering web-based applications to delivering network-based applications. This network application aka Internet of everything (IOE) application coordinates different autonomous applications like devices, mobile applications, single page web applications etc. Delivering IOE is what a connection machine does. AXON very compelling value proposition in developing hyper-connected Internet of Everything (IOE) applications.

With AXON, 2 Junior Programmers = 1 Architect + 1 Senior Level Programmer

How does AXON offer privacy by design?

Placing your data safe and untraceable with intelligent synaptic interactions

An Information system offers Privacy By Design, if the processor and the programming language employed offers Unlink-ability, Transparency and Intervenability.

Information on Axon Processor is not directly queried, but is available by interacting with synapses or connections. These synapses are Internet wide network nonce. As an Axon synapse is only resolvable within the Axon processor that generated it, it ensures information unlink-ability. The Axon language can be used to control when these synapses turn on or off, making information shared intervenable at any point in time.

Synaptic Interactions on Axon Processor moves Information system processes forward and changes state of the system. The different interactions on Axon processor(s) are always logged making systems entirely transparent.

This “Unlinkability”, “Intervenability” and “Transparency” property of Axon Processor and Language combo ensures “Privacy by Design” out of box.

How does Axon do security by design?

An Information system offers “Security By Design”, if the processor and the programming language employed offers “Confidentiality”, “Integrity”, “availability” and “Non-repudiation assistance”.

All information in the Axon processor is available by interaction with Axon Synaptic connection(s) exposed as REST URL(s). Each Synaptic connection is an internet wide nonce and on interacting with it, it will create a new Network wide nonce. Synaptic connections can be hidden behind other synaptic connections there by making the system exhibit information confidentiality. Information Integrity is accomplished by default as no information can be altered without an active synaptic connection. Each synaptic connection is exposed to the outside world as a REST URL. This makes Axon processor-based systems operate at the network level. Standard level 7 network protection tools like SSL, web firewalls, authentication, etc can be employed to deliver highly available systems.

Axon processor-based systems operate as Autonomous Agents. These Agents talk to the other and to the outside world through atomic synaptic interactions. Non-Repudiable systems can be implemented in Axon Processor by creating appropriate processes, by sequencing atomic synaptic interactions, using the Axon Language.

This “Confidentiality”, “Integrity” “availability” and “Non-repudiation” property of Axon Processor and Language combo ensures “Security by Design” out of box.

How does axon offer non-repudiation out of box?

Algorithms do not non-repudiate, only interactions do
Non-Repudiation by Design

Axon’s interaction by design execution model ensures processes advance only when parties in processes interact.  This makes systems on axon, non-repudiable by design, as parties in an interaction cannot deny entering into the interaction.