“Modern problems require modern solutions”

Are you one of the manufacturers who have thought how the workplace would be if machines autonomously respond to external and internal changes?

In the era of data, operation of a network depends on the data we feed. Precisely, larger the data set, better is the operation. Is it possible to provide such a large dataset securely and realtime to achieve accuracy in final output? Practically, these are the challenges for which manufacturers are aspiring to seek a solution.

What if we tell you that there is a better way to overcome the problem, define hierarchies and define cause effect relationship?

Axon processor- based system operates using an artificial synapse network that stands as a solution to the problems faced by the industry. 

This synaptic network proposes solutions to real world problems.  ASN works similar to that of the synapse in the structure of neuron, incorporating flexibility in the network. By fashioning emission and reception of neurotransmitters, complex neural network i.e the synaptic network can be wired. Dynamic functionality of such a network makes the factory self-adjusting and self-healing.

When products coordinate and work along with machines in choosing a factory path, the factory can deliver highly personalized products. This leap of AI that uses the synaptic network will make it possible to have systems that are more secure, represent hierarchical relationships, Cause-effect relationships, better explain-ability, performance improvement scalability, etc