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Logistics is a complex system with asset intensive operations that mostly operate autonomously, influencing each other through active connections.

In truly Smart logistics, Agents sense late running packages, material conditions in transit, route congestion etc and provide corrective responses to the transport network. This real-time smart logistics is similar to the synapse of the human nervous system. Unlike the existing AI systems which use algorithms, synapse is modelled as interactions. 

Modelling Artificial Synapse network (ASN) defines the initial configuration of the ASN and also next sequence next potential interactions after the current interaction(s). ASN based Systems are scalable, self-healing and secure, accomplished through controlling node birth/death and interactions visibility. As packages and route are autonomous, th7ey sense package delay and route congestion and take appropriate actions, making the logistics operation smart. A truly smart logistics operations is smart,secure and real time – It’s simply AXON