Insurance 2.0 - The connected world of data, risks and people on AXON

As an insurer, the need for a digital truth is most inevitable today more than ever.With the immense possibilities for creating customer value across the value chain while keeping privacy and security of the systems intact is quite a challenge to tackle. Looking for a simple digital transformation platform that handles all requirements while keeping the cost in control. AXON is the ideal solution you are looking for insurance transformation – be it customer,broker or agency facing systems or a complex solution you want to build for actuaries and underwriters intelligence, AXON gives you quick process to code IDE, making your time to market quicker while maximizing your returns on digital investments. AXON’s explainable AI allows you to build intelligence in the system, helping you to gain from the collective intelligence across your risk profiles – Customers are happy with quicker process time for policies and claims – System is intelligent supporting you from straight through processing of risk applications to detecting fraudulent claims – Helping you increase your revenue and profits