Role based business processes

Business process is the coordinated interaction of people, systems and things to produce a business outcome. Systems in the Axon processor are an interacting  autonomous agents network. The Axon language is used to configure this network and the conversation between these nodes. So an Axon Language deployed on the Axon processor can directly model business processes.

Entity Relationships

On the Axon processor, Axon Language components like agents, signals operators, interaction and interaction channels are used to build the Artificial Synaptic Network (ASN). The nodes and its interconnections define the shape and state of the ASN. This way,any complex entity relationships can be established with Axon Language.

Secure Persistent channels

In the Axon processor, connected devices interact with each other through a unique network wide name (nonce). These nonces being visible only between the two connected entities, creates a secure persistent interacting channel, making systems simple, private, reliable and secure .

Micro services

One of the biggest challenges of micro services implementation is figuring out a way to share data. In the Axon processor-based system, Agents and its connections can be used to create a complex web of micro services implementations, overcoming the challenge. Each agent defines its own private data and is autonomous with its own action(potential connections), future possibilities of connections and data. Due to this unique approach, each micro service provides its own state and is available only through connections.


Workflow showcases how different agents in a system are coordinated. Some of these common workflow coordination patterns are exclusive merge, structured discriminator and parallel split. Axon Language on Axon processor can directly model these workflow patterns.

Decision Making

The Decision Agent enables decision making in this system. The agent triggers when the data arrives. When the decision expression is executed, it triggers either the interaction action in the true branch of the decision or the interaction action in the false branch of the decision, thus implementing the decision.

High Performance Systems

Axon processor systems are a network of autonomous agents. These agents interact with each other to change the network shape. The network fabric can be configured by the Axon language to scale by dynamically adding nodes to create a system that increases throughput as the load increases.