Axon Synaptic Network – ASN

The human nervous system is a network of neurons that are wired together by synapses. The cells interact through these synaptic junctions. New point connections are grown by the cell by creating synapses which can be connected to other neurons, creating a very smart evolving network.

Systems on Axon, like the human nervous system, is a network of agents that are connected to each other in an interaction fabric. Unlike present day AI, Axon systems are not defined by data but defined by the Axon Programming language. The axon programming language grows synapses/connections on each of the autonomous agents and also moves these grown connections/synapses around the autonomous agent network, to create an artificial Synaptic network (ASN) just like the synapses of the human nervous system.

Axon intelligent supply chain, is an Artificial synaptic network, wired to sense the environment like Road closures or demand changes due to weather events and respond by increasing capacity in alternate routes and changing inventory levels in anticipation of changes in demand.

Axon XAI - Explainable AI

Making AI consumable and intuitive in your digital transformation journey – As natural as artificial intelligence can get!

An Explainable AI XAI system should

  • Show evidence for all its output (explainable)
  • Should provide explanations that is understandable to the individual users it is serving (meaningful),
  • The explanation presented should accurately reflect the system process (accuracy of explanation) and
  • The system should work within the limits it is designed to operate in.

Axon programming language is interaction based (vs Algorithmic of current languages) and is unique. This Axon programming language defines an intelligent information system as an evolving artificial synaptic network. The network evolves by network node interactions. The Axon processor stores all the past interaction sequences, making it easy to explain the current state of the network.

The Axon programming language ensures that the system being developed on Axon is transparent, auditable, self-explanatory and most of all explainable.