The Eureka Journey

50 years collective intelligence culminating into ground breaking software paradigm

Axon team has been working in enterprise software for more than 50 man years of collective experience in IT. In their lifetime, they have used and experienced varied technologies like COBOL, Object oriented programming, Functional programming, Upper CASE, Lower CASE, Assembler, higher level domain specific languages. But none of these technologies have been able to create satisfying user experiences. It is this inability to serve the end user community that started the Why journey. Why is the end user community not satisfied despite the effort?

After Extensive research, “Interaction By Design” thought was born, with the realization that the world around us are not computational but are individual entities talking or interacting with each other. It is this interaction between entities that need to be modelled in our information systems. That started the birth of “Interaction By Design” information technology.

This“Interaction By Design” thought led to Axon software and processor technology .

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