Artificial Synaptic Network
Solutions engineered to work like the human brain
Programming the Smart Connected World
Smart Interaction Design
Quicker software delivery with direct mapping of business interactions
Security and Privacy
At the heart of solution design

Interaction By Design

Real world is not algorithms but  a Interacting network

Logistics package carrier is a network of routes and equipment that provides pathways for packages to flow through it. The pathways dynamically change due to events on the ground like weather, traffic jams, etc. This makes such an interacting network entity Extremely smart.

Re-imagining  Value chains or for that matter your information systems as a “Interaction By Design” execution network,  will create secure, agile and smart systems.

With Axon Processor, we introduce for the first time in the world, this  unique “Interaction By Design” based information processor.

Axon XAI - Explainable AI

Making AI consumable and intuitive in your digital transformation journey

AI system state should operate at the human level, making it automatically explainable.  The explanation of the state of the system and the decision made by it should be meaningful to the users of the system and should remain within the limits it is allowed to operate in.

The Artificial Synaptic Network in the Axon processor is programmed with the axon language. The conversational nature of the Axon language makes the synaptic network transitions easily understandable.

Breakthrough Language Model

Modelling conversations

Unlike all present day languages which model data and its transformation, Axon language models how different parties in a network interact.  The Axon language is superior as it has no Exception handling and data manipulation. 

Imagine one  language that can  model business processes, model complex relationships, workflow, decision making, privacy and security out of the box. 


Making digital real with traceable and quick returns on digital investments

Modern information systems, like cloud digital systems and IOT work across many devices on a network. It is complex to engineer and is expensive to build. Such systems, are built with HATEOAS architecture for privacy, security and simplicity. Presently this architecture is achieved by engineering from scratch, increasing organizational technical debt.

With Axon processor, applications are delivered with HATEOAS architecture out of box. Security and Privacy are delivered at the network level by the standard networking gear like firewall, etc. These advantages of delivering network applications on Axon processor offers very high software productivity, less defect rates and immediate ROI breakeven.